Spazio Pack

This pack ROCKS. Ideal size to travel, no-brainer gitf for everyone.

Crust & Size

Net content

This small Mayanik pack contains the top most wanted flavors of our World renowned Mayanik Habanero family and comes in the right size to dispatch or carry on almost every airliner plane. It is a no-brainer quality gift for friends, family and self.

Ingredients: Habanero peppers, water, Mexican spices, xanthan gum and 0.1% Sodium Benzoate as preservative.

Common questions: Does it contain any peanuts or nuts? Answer: NO.
Does it contain gluten? Answer: NO.
Is it super spicy? Answer: For most people, NO.
Does it contain any animal ingredient? Answer: NO.
Is there any restriction for children? Answer: The spiciness is somewhat strong, we recommend having a cup of water in place. Enjoy!